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What`s the NU-DRUSTIC?(ENG)

・"What is NU-DRUSTIC?"
I will easily explain the definition, the difference, and the feature of NU-DRUSTIC.
It is "GOA TRANCE+NU-NRG=NU-DRUSTIC" though explains importunately with the head of the house net label.

To the genre of the music character that looks like
"FREEFORM HARD CORE" It is "FREEFORM HARD CORE" ≒"FINRG" ≠"NU-DRUSTIC" though there is "FINRG". The feature though it is a feature of two former is to use it the sound, that a hardcore element is strong, and melodious. Moreover, it is a feature that the side of the hard dance is strong.

If the character of "NU-DRUSTIC" is expressed, it might be "DARK PSY" + "HARD NRG".
It is feeling of fusion of stoic sound use for techno inclined to it and development,

The above is a content of about 30 percent of the main story thing (must).
It would be greatly appreciated if the sink could read.

・Was "NU-DRUSTIC" going to be advocated why?
I had been producing GOA TRANCE and PSYCHEDELIC TRANCE since it was young.
It had produced it with BPM160 since those days.

"It is too early" and "It cannot be GOA・PSY TRANCE. " from surroundings. "Development is a little. "

It was said.
Afterwards, several years passed.
At that time, the genre that I had been making was called "DARK PSY".

Similarly, the work named 15800BPM has been produced.
The genre of "EXTRATONE" was not named in those days but there was "It is held in derision" from hardcore DJ.

Though it is acknowledged as not saying that EXTRATONE is up to "Fashion" now
It was treated thoroughly to the hit core or was "It is not music" treatment that I was producing it.
The music that I handled exceeds 20,000.

It might be only "It forestalled and made it. " in those musics as for the element that became the seed of "DARK PSY" "EXTRATONE" by chance

You may say it is almost meaningless if there is "Eminence" or neither "Acknowledgment level" nor "Perfection" no matter how the genre is advocated.

I learnt the existence of the net label.
And, it manages it.
Then, it decided to advocate it by thinking about "..RAVY.. GOA TRANCE" by the third times.

Moreover, my present tune :.
"GOA/PSY TRANCE" It is different from "HARD NRG".
The tempo is too fast, and there is a Hoover, and it is too monotonous for the latter for the former. A psychedelic (bend) element has mixed.

Thus, public relations besides the net label will become the excuses as "Authority" with which "NU-DRUSTIC" is advocated and produced though are not acknowledged so much now.
It is at the time of announcing to public by original production and the remix activity, etc. now.

Please retrieve it by "NU-DRUSTIC" with Youtube.
Some examples will be able to be heard.

Moreover, the XECTIVE ZIOE PRODUCTION head of the house.
The most important work is put together on the NU-DRUSTIC page, and refer, please if you avoid it.